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A major player in the field of industrial wiping, with a capacity of over 1000 tonnes per year, SOFRIP offers a wide range of wiping rags suitable for any use or application.

Thanks to the expertise in the sorting process and a rigorous control during all the stages of production, we can guarantee our customers a wide range of wiping rags meeting their different needs:

Our garments are carefully cut after distinguishing the colors: a standard cut with reasonable dimensions and a flat cut 35*40 cm and 40*45 cm.
The texture of our cleaning cloths is pure cotton. It is soft, 100% absorbent, and lint-free.
Our recycled garments are free of any hard and metallic objects that could threaten the safety of the user such as needles, buttons, staples, etc. This is achieved through a strict human potential-based control, reinforced by a high-tech metal detector.
Our wipes are free of oils and grease.
Our wiping cloths are inspected, tested, and disinfected by an accredited health institute.
Which sectors need them?

Industrial wiping rags can be used in many ways and many sectors. It is an indispensable cotton tool in the industrial sector and is generally found in mechanical workshops, factories, construction sites, garages, printing works, bodywork, aeronautics… It is a fundamental hygienic element for professional environments; a wiping solution perfectly suited to critical and difficult wiping tasks for guaranteed satisfaction, effectively cleaning dirty areas, absorbing different liquids such as water, oil, or grease, without leaving any trace on the surface to be cleaned.

Industrial wiping rags are timeless, despite the ever-increasing inventions in surface cleaning. But to be guaranteed and attractive in the long term, industrial wiping rags must-have essential qualities, such as being absorbent, guaranteeing quality cleaning, being affordable, and offering a variety of colors to satisfy the greatest number of companies.

Why choose our wiping clothes?

The advantage of our textile clothes from used clothing is their wide variety: texture, fineness, color, nature of the fabric give enough choice and quality for each professional to find the product that suits him at the best price.

There are several reasons for the success of the industrial wiping rags, in terms of its effectiveness compared to other cleaning alternatives: cotton wiping textiles are washable, reusable, very resistant and absorb oils and lubricants efficiently. As a result, wiping textiles are defined as a sustainable and environmentally friendly cleaning tool.

Sofrip offers wiping rags sorted by the material composition and color: white – dark color – light color with a size of (40 cm*30 cm), which makes them easy to hold, and suitable for all professional environments and needs.

No matter what type of cloth we use, it retains its properties and qualities over time and uses. It is known to be highly absorbent, which is the basic quality that is required in the industrial sector.

With its absorbent and soft properties, you have everything you need to work in a healthy and comfortable environment while using your hands every day, which is why the majority of wiping textiles are made of cotton for the well-being and comfort of the user.

SOFRIP provides reliable and efficient wiping solutions with consistent quality and personalized service, to maintain strong relationships with each of our customers and to help you find the most suitable solutions.

We have a wide range of wiping rags packed in different types of packaging:

– Polypropylene bales of 500kgs or 50kgs

– PVC plastic bags of 5 or 10 kg


Products references:

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