Sofrip has been in the business of sorting and recycling second-hand clothing for over 25 years. The first key to its success is to have a rigorous supplier selection process based on its experience and good knowledge of the market.

Indeed, SOFRIP has developed a verification process to search, select and manage the most qualified and known suppliers in the world to provide us with the good quality original.
The quality of any product depends directly on the quality of the raw materials, for this reason, SOFRIP makes intense efforts in terms of sourcing to ensure an excellent quality from the best suppliers.

To achieve our mission of sourcing used clothing, we work with all departments to make the right decisions and take into account the needs of our stakeholders, from shipping agencies to suppliers.

Our sourcing team researches, creates, and executes strategies to define quality and quantity standards, and carefully selects suppliers that meet our requirements and criteria.

As we always strive for excellence, our team is committed to coming up with new ideas, tools, and relevant marketing campaigns to communicate effectively and efficiently to meet our customers’ expectations.

Together with our logistics department, we assist our suppliers in the shipping process through our good relationships with shipping agencies. This major role that Sofrip played in terms of logistical facilities is one of its attractive aspects to attract suppliers.

Over the years Sofrip has developed strong relationships with its partners, and we ensure a smooth transition for the purchasing department so that tenders are processed under favorable conditions.

Conscious of guaranteeing the highest level of raw materials for used clothing, shoes, bags, accessories, etc… SOFRIP perfectly manages the global supply chain and logistic facility, to maintain the flow and quality from sustainable sources and the best sources around the world.