Sofrip Textile Recycling guarantees professional recycling process of used clothing. We carefully sort the garments in a multistep process. In fact, our recycling center offers a wide range of recycled products at different levels for different uses. We sell good quality clothing and shoes in good condition to our local and international partners.

Produits: Chiffons d'essuyage Products Wipping ragsProduits: Fibre acrylique, synthétique Products, acrylic fibers for yarns

The textile raw material obtained from Sofrip products

is used, based on our “zero waste” philosophy, for the production of cleaning cloths. These cloths are used in various industries and are marketed both locally and internationally. Eventually, thanks to our equipment, we use the LaRoche machine with five drums to obtain textile fibers products which are graded by type of material like Denim, mixed and white cotton, and by color according to the acrylic fibers.
These products are used in different sectors as raw materials for the manufacture of spinning, insulation panels, mattress felts, and so on…

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Make your work based on an eco-friendly attitude, for your sound/acoustic insulation, your non-woven felts and your spinning process:


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Fibers textiles
Fibers textiles