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The transformation of used textiles into raw materials for a new life cycle requires a series of rigorous steps: cutting and shredding them to recover fibrous material.

To do this, SOFRIP has a high-performance shredding machine, equipped with a metal detector and a “laRoche” fraying with 5 drums and an inhalation system, and thanks to its know-how and expertise in textile recycling of more than 25 years, SOFRIP has a wide range of recycled fibers products that meet international standards.

Today, the shredded material from recycled textiles is used as a raw material for a new use cycle. Frayed textile fibers have become in great demand by various sectors and the most innovative industries:

The production of non-woven felts for thermal or sound insulation for cars, buildings, cushioning, underlay carpets etc,
The manufacture of protective and structuring geotextiles for agriculture and public works
The manufacture of concrete-cotton composite fabrics for insulation and wall decoration.
And many other fields are being explored.
Our fibers are in high demand and of high quality. It is free of any pieces of scrap metal, wood, or other hard materials that could damage the production lines. In addition, our fibers are free of sheep’s wool or other animal fibers and any chaff or flammable material in any form and are moisture and mold-free.

Sofrip offers a wide range of frayed textiles which is available in bales of 200kgs-250kgs. and to satisfy our customers, we are always listening to them to propose other products depending on their needs. The available fibers are :

Denim shoddy
White cotton
Mixed Multicolorshoddy
Multicolor Acrylic
The acrylic fiber in color:
white, pink, blue, yellow, green, beige, purple, orange…

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