T-shirt color F3110

T-shirt color F3110



Product name : T-shirt color
Reference : F3110
Color: Black, brown, navy, any other bright dark colour, even yellow, red, blue, green…

This 100% cotton wiping cloth is made from color t-shirt. The size of the format is about 40 x 40 cm but the formats are not always regular. Indeed, depending on the recycled textile, the dimensions can vary. However, the pieces are never too small or too large to allow a good grip.
Rq: this quality is not without tickets logos and prints

  • SOURCE :

From recycling of old clothing.

  • Packaging :

Bulk cloth packaged in 10 kg bag in welded and pre-cut PVC that keeps the cloths perfectly and durably dry.

  • Controlled by a high-tech metal detector keeps this cloth free of any metal that could harm the user or the surface to be treated.
  • Although this quality is not devoid of prints and tickets, it wipes properly.
  • This cloth is sought after for its very advantageous price.

Wiping cloths from textile recycling are generally suitable for all types of industrial wiping.


Environmentally friendly:

  • Recycled
  • Bulk
  • Free of synthetic fibre
  • Washable


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