Textile recycling is a general process of giving new life, adding value to the “waste” of textiles that are useless. Through our efficient process and recycling system, we give a second life to old garments. It is an amazing fact to know, that clothes that are useless can be creatively functional to create something new.

We are involved in many industries to be part of their down-cycling process. Regarding our innovative technologies and implicated team, Sofrip has the capability to turn unuseful textile waste into sustainable and high-quality recycled fibers. These materials can be used again in different industries, creating creatively new clothes and insulation stuffing solutions. Visit here to know more about our different quality textile fibers.

Our sourcing team researches, creates, and executes strategies to define quality and quantity standards, and carefully selects suppliers that meet our requirements and criteria.
In the second sorting process, our sorting team works efficiently by sorting, controlling, and verifying an appropriate selection according to different criteria that meet international standards.

During the next cutting step which is based on human potential, every little detail is important to ensure the good quality of our products. Once the clothes are sorted, we remove all hard and non-textile bodies, buttons, hooks, buckles, rivets, zips, and small pieces of leather. Finally, we turn textile waste into new fibers free of scrap metal, wood, or other hard materials, to be ready to use in different production lines.

We have good partnerships with most shipping companies and we deal with international exports. We invite you to visit our company, to test closely the quality of our work and see more details about the process as follows: