Terry towel F30

Terry towel F30



Product name : Terry towel
Reference : F30
Color: This cloth has a clear appearance. It contains white and other dark colors.

This light color wiping cloth is exclusively composed of cotton terry bath towels. The recycled napkins are cut to have regular 40*50 pieces. This cloth has no tickets.


From the recycling of old clothes


ose cloth, packed in:

  • Big ball (weight between 450 kg and 500 kg) Packed in white polypropylene and surrounded by galvanized wire or PET.
  • Bag of 10 kg in welded and pre-cut PVC that keeps the cloths perfectly and durably dry.
  • Cardboard dispenser of 10kg very convenient to use.
  • The long fibers of cotton make it both thick, fluffy, soft, and very absorbent .
  • Clean without any stain or dirt .
  • Controlled by a high-tech metal detector keeps this cloth free of any metal that could harm the user or the surface to be treated.
  • It is perfect for pumping, sponging and absorbing.
  • This cloth is generally used by manufacturers who want to absorb or clean surfaces coated with glues or liquids that are difficult to clean.
  • This cloth is also used by car cleaners for its great flexibility, absorption capabilities.
  • This cloth remains effective for all industries in need of absorption such as hydraulic companies.
  • This cloth is recommended for all delicate work, such as disaster recovery and contamination work.

Environmentally friendly:

  • Recycled
  • Bulk
  • Free of synthetic fibre
  • This cloth is often washed repeatedly


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