Product name : CMF
Reference : L24
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This half light fine cotton wiping cloth is made mainly from shirts, pants, blouses and thick mesh sheets or other recycled clothing.
The shirts are cut in two parts according to the size of the piece:

  • The small pieces are cut vertically at the middle level, the sleeves are open from the outside and the result is two pieces.
  • The large pieces are cut horizontally in the middle, the sleeves are open from the inside and four pieces are obtained.

The aprons are cut the same way as the shirts except that you get more
After removing the passers-by, the pants are cut into two parts at the zipper. The two resulting parts are cut to present four pieces.
The size of the format is about 40 x 50 cm, these formats are not regular because they are made from recycled textile.
Indeed, the pieces are neither too small nor too large to allow a good grip. However, the cut may vary depending on the clothing used.
Note: this quality is not without tickets.

  • Source :

From recycling old clothes. Loose


cloth, packed in:

  • Big ball (weight between 450 kg and 500 kg)
  • Packed in white polypropylene and
  • Surrounded by galvanized or PET wire.

This cloth is ideal for mechanics and maintenance workshops because it is very economical and wipes properly.


Environmentally friendly:

  • From the recycling of textile.
  • Loose.
  • Free of synthetic fiber.
  • Washable.


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