Product name : Square format Jogging and sweatshirt
Reference : SFK F34
Dimension : 40*45

This cottony wiping cloth is made mainly from sweatshirt and jogging. This wiping cloth is based on sweat and cotton.
These two components make it both thick, fluffy, soft and particularly absorbent. Its regular appearance and high absorption capacity makes it more appropriate to the needs of
hydraulic professionals than to mechanical workshops for example.

  • Source :

From the recycling of old clothing


Loose cloth packaged in:

  • Big ball (weight between 450 kg and 500 kg) . Packed in white polypropylene and surrounded by galvanized wire or PET.
  • Bag of 10 kg in welded and pre-cut PVC that keeps the cloths perfectly and durably dry.
  • Cardboard dispenser of 10kg very convenient to use.
  • Clean without any stain or dirt .
  • Controlled by a high-tech metal detector keeps this cloth free of any metal that could harm the user or the surface to be treated.
  • The fleece fabric is based on cotton and sweater it is two component makes it both thick, soft, soft and particularly absorbent.
  • The sweat cloth is very economical, ideal for large absorption needs

This cloth meets the requirements of professionals such as:

  • Maintenance workshops
  • Hydraulic workshops
  • The heavy mechanical workshops

Environmentally friendly:

  • Recycled
  • Bulk
  • Free of synthetic fibre


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