Cutting! is half way…

As the sorting process has done, the textile that cannot be either worn or re-used will go directly to the cutting facility. Sorted by the textile composition and its fractions of cotton-like T-shirts, bedsheets, sweaters, and towels… as well by color shades.

All thought, this process allows us to provide our customers with a wide range of wiping rags. These items have different compositions of textile materials, mostly cotton with a high level of absorption.

Our cutting process depends on human potential. Every little detail is important to ensure the good quality of our products. After sorting clothing, we try to get an open and flat garment. We remove all hard and non-textile bodies, buttons, hooks, buckles, rivets, zips, and small pieces of leather.

For some qualities, it is necessary to remove inner pockets and patch pockets, collars, cuffs, button plackets, elasticated belts, and laces and remove hard laminated prints and labels.

In addition, these rags come in different sizes 35cm to 40 cm which makes the rags comfortable for handhold and application as well our wiping rags are lint-free.

SOFRIP assures the safety of all products. Our qualified team checks the rags once more with metal detection equipment. It is important to make sure that the rags do not contain any metal components that could harm the user during the application

Today, SOFRIP is considered a major player in the field of industrial wiping rags suitable for any use or application.
Packaging : Packaging is a crucial part when it comes to stocking and loading. Thus, Sofrip has invested in packing machines with high performance that can be set to customer requirements to empathize with our customers. We have 3 standards models of packaging that are the most commonly used :

And as we said above we can adjust our packaging to different sizes depending on the customers’ needs.