Mixed Multicolor shoddy

Mixed Multicolor shoddy

In order to be competitive in the thermal insulation.

Fiche technique



Product name : Mixed Multicolor shoddy
Color : Multicolor
  • Packaging :
  • in bulk conditioned in big bale (weight between 220 and 240 kg ).
  • Packaged in white polypropylene (PP) bale
  • Wrapped with PET 25 C3 or galvanized wire
  • Composition :
  • All types of used clothing made of cotton , viscose , canvas, sweatshirt, cotton terrycloth and other qualities.with the exception of pieces made mostly of polyester and all types of textiles made of wool or its made of wool or its derivatives
  • Characteristics uses :
  • Recycled cotton fiber is very effective in thermal and sound insulation
  • The fiber of recycled cotton is a hygroscopic material : it absorbs and releases humidity .Thus, it offers better ambient air quality
  • Recycled cotton fiber is used to get rid of volatile organic compounds to offer a better indoor air quality
  • improved health and safety . using recycled denim dosen’t irritate the skin or the respiratory tract
  • recycled denim fiber is used for flet fabrication that are needed in the fabrication of the mattress and in the automobile industry
  • this quantity may contain small pieces of textile
  • Provenance :
  • Produced from old textile
  • Environment:
  • Produced from 100 recycled textile
  • Textile waste offer excellent performance in terms of grey energy consumption
  • Textile waste fibers keep it out of landfills and benefits the environement


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