Acrylic multicolor shoddy

Acrylic multicolor shoddy

Due to the experience of the sofrip team and the innovative perspective that we work with.

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Product name : Acrylic Fiber
Color : Grey
  • Packaging :
  • In bulk conditioned in big bale (weight between 220 and 240 kg) / (485.017 and 529.109 pounds)
  • Packaged in white polypropylene (PP)
  • Wrapped with PET 25 C3 or galvanized wire
  • Composition :
  • This quantity is composed of textile recycled from acrylic, Wool, Cashmere and polyamide.
  • NB: the composition depends on the used clothes supply . It may contain a quantity of different other material such as polyester
  • Characteristics Uses :
  • Recycled acrylic fiber is used in the manfufacture of mops .
  • Acrylic fiber is effective in thermal and sound insulation .
  • Acrylic fiber is used in the upholstery industry .
  • Car Seat cover.
  • Acrylic fiber is used to reinforce stucco (staff) and concrete
  • Provenance :
  • Produced from 100% recycled textile
  • Environment :
  • Produced from 100% recycled textile


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