Denim shoddy

Denim shoddy

Our product DENIM JEANS include 100% recycled denim which is sorted carefully by a full Chain of Custody highly qualified.

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Product name : 100% Denim Shoddy
R-value : 3.5
Fire retardant treatment : yes
Color : Grayish blue
Cotton percentage : 80%
Mouled and insects : No
Type : Recycled jeans
  • Description
  • Our product denim jeans fiber include 100% recycled denim which is sorted carefully by a full chain of custody highly qualified . all the unwearable denim textiles are selected from other textiles compositions to be cut in small waves of pieces and then frayed.
  • Composition
  • 100% Denim (jeans cotton).
  • PS: this quality is mainly made up of jeans.
  • Packaging
  • in bulk conditioned in big bale (weight between 200 and 250 kg).
  • Packaged in white polypropylene (PP) bale.
  • Wrapped with PET 2T or galvanized wire .
  • Provenance
  • Produced from old jeans clothes
  • Environment
  • Cotton fiber offers excellent performance in termes of grey energy consumption .
  • Recycling denim fiber keep it out of landfills and benefits the environment.
  • Uses
  • Recycled cotton fiber is very effective in thermal and sound insulation.
  • The fiber of recycled cotton is a hygroscopic material : it absorbs and releases humidity.Thus,it offers better ambient air quality.
Improved health and safety. Using recycled denim dosen’t irritate the skin or the respirtatory tract. denim-1
Recycled denim fiber is used for flet fabrication needed in the automobile industry. FT-denim-2
Recycled mixed denim shoddy is used for felt fabication needed in the mattress and underlay carpret. FT-denim-3


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