White cotton

Raw material sourcing, extraction, and textile fabrication play a massive role in the environmental impact of textiles. Using sustainable materials such as recycled white cotton Fiber reduces the harm caused by apparel production.

Due to the high demand for white cotton Sofrip decided to be one of the major players in this product, so we treat very carefully white clothes to provide outstanding quality to our clients. Our white cotton fiber includes 100% recycled white cotton textiles sorted carefully by a whole Chain of Custody highly qualified. These fibers are used in different sectors as raw materials such as in yarns factories and carpet production, nonwovens filling and many more. Order your fibers now and meet our digital team on Linkedin .

Recycled white cotton Fiber is mainly produced from shredded textiles from clothing sorted according to their white cotton content. For more details about the process click here.

Recycled white cotton fibers look and feel like regular cotton: durable, lightweight, breathable, absorbent, and quick dyeing. It is used to get rid of volatile organic compounds to offer better indoor air quality.

In addition, Recycled cotton is a healthy, safe, and sustainable material made from renewable resources, often sourced from manufacturers with many sustainability practices.



Garments made from recycled cotton help to reduce the consumption of dyes, energy, water, and CO2 Compared to garments made from others. It is very environmentally friendly even more than organic cotton. These fibers comprise cellulose used in the global textile industries to make apparel, footwear, nonwovens, yarns, and threads.

▪ Produced from 100 recycled textile

▪ Cotton fiber offers excellent performance in terms of grey energy consumption

▪ Recycling White cotton fiber keeps it out of landfills and benefits the environment.

This 100% ecological cotton filling is recycled and made from textile waste from second-hand clothes. This super soft and fluffy filling is produced in a sustainable way, respecting nature.

So, the real power of using recycled materials is in offsetting the production of new materials by restoring the utility of materials already in circulation and diverting fabric waste from landfills.


▪ Recycled cotton fiber is very effective in thermal and sound insulation.

▪ Recycled white cotton fiber is used for felt fabrication which is needed in the fabrication of the mattress and in the automobile industry.

▪ Yarns and Thread Provenance


In bulk Conditioned in big bale (weight between 220 and 240 Kg)

▪ Packaged in white Polypropylene (PP) bale.

▪ Wrapped with PET 2T or galvanized wire. Composition Recycled white cotton This quality is mainly made up of white cotton used cloths.


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