Denim shoddy:
Denim shoddy are one of the greener alternatives to virgin materials for several industries such as insulation, felt, mattress, automobile, and so on…
Denim fiber has shown a great R-value (R-2.9 to R-3.8 per inch) which is suitable for the weather of almost all the European countries and the USA during the whole year, moreover, it is one of the best products that can be used for thermal and sound insulation when it comes to health issues, unlike other insulation materials like natural jute fiber and fiberglass, denim shoddy prevents the growth of harmful mold, mildew, and wood-rotting fungi, repels insects and vermin as natural jute fiber did, in addition, during the application denim fiber is safer than other products like fiberglass which has form glass powder and tiny shards which could potentially cause damage to the eyes lungs, and skin, also a fire retardant process is supported by the denim shoddy.
As a cost-effective and “greener” alternative to virgin materials, re-processed fiber such as denim shoddy has become an important part of fiber landscape.
denim-shoddy Our product includes 100% recycled denim fiber basically (coming from the second hand clothes made from denim) which is sorted carefully by a full Chain of Custody highly qualified. Denim shoddy Cotton Is both natural and renewable, making it very eco-friendly. Unlike fiberglass, recycled blue jeans and denim fabric are rolled into batts like fiberglass, but it does not contain hazardous materials. As a bonus, it doesn’t cause respiratory irritation, and it’s an effective insect repellent!
Use of denim shoddy: Recycled cotton fiber is very effective in thermal and sound insulation.
The fiber of recycled cotton is a hygroscopic material: it absorbs and releases humidity. Thus, it offers better ambient air quality.
Recycled cotton fiber is used to get rid of volatile organic compounds to offer a better indoor air quality.
Improved health and safety. Using recycled denim doesn’t irritate the skin or the respiratory tract.