Mixed multicolor shoddy

To be competitive in thermal insulation between all alternatives such as jute fiber, mineral wool, fiberglass, cellulose, and so on, our R&D team has developed a new product. The Mixed Multicolore shoddy is composed of all types of used clothing made of cotton, viscose, canvas, sweatshirt, cotton terry, and other qualities except for pieces made of mostly polyester and all types of textile made of wool or its derivatives.

To ensure the excellent quality of the product and to keep its high performance as required in its applications, Sofrip always sets up to qualify its mixed frayed fibers. These studies there help us to detect the composition of the multicolor mix fiber.

Multicolored mix fiber is composed of all types of used clothing in cotton, viscose, canvas, sweatshirt, cotton terry, and other quality except for pieces in the polyester majority and all kinds of textile in wool or its derivatives. This composition makes the fiber suitable for fireproof treatment to preserve the safety of the application of frayed fiber in the production of insulation panels.

The Mixed Multicolore shoddy has an insulating capacity of up to 3.8 R-value. It is therefore very effective for non-woven automotive parts such as floor mats, insulator covers, assembly trays, interior linings, etc.

However, there are other natural fibers and insulating materials on the market, such as fiberglass, jute fiber, etc., but these alternatives can be harmful to health and cause indigestible effects on the skin, eyes, lungs, and skin.

In this context, the multicolored mix fiber presents a good choice to have insulators respecting sanitary safety. Fibers from recycled textiles prevent the growth of harmful molds, mildew, and wood-rotting fungi, and eliminate the regrowth of insects and vermin.

Download technical sheet MIXED MULTICOLOR SHODDY

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