Sofrip textile recycling

Leading company in Tunisia and North Africa

Sofrip textile recycling is situated on the Mediterranean Coast, In Sfax City. The main economic pole in Tunisia is rich with its industries and port. SOFRIP Company recorded considerable progress, over the years to become the undisputed leader in its domain in Tunisia and North Africa.

Over 25 years of experience
With over 25 years of experience, SOFRIP is a Tunisian North African leader company in the textile recycling industry specializing in used clothing, shoes, wiping rags, and fraying.
Large network of partners with strong relationships : 
SOFRIP is considered a pioneer in promoting textile recycling sector sustainability in its business with a large network of partners in Asia, Europe, Africa, and America.
Advanced recycling work process
We manage an innovative recycling cycle that provides the highest quality service and products to our customers and partners.
Always put into practice our ‘Zero waste’ philosophy : 
We are recognized as a leading actor in the textile recycling and used clothing sector with the goal of upholding our ‘zero waste’ philosophy to the greatest extent possible.
Know-how and experience :
Our team has a wealth of experience and knowledge within the textile recycling industry.
Competent and motivated team : 
SOFRIP employees have a shared vision of value built on sustainability and transparency. a dynamic and highly motivated team allows us to achieve our goals effectively.
Successful teamwork Culture :
Such working culture allows us to ensure the high quality of our products for more than 25 years.


Great news! We have just been accredited with the ISO 9001: 2015 quality certificate.
Being the leader in the field of textile recycling in Tunisia and North Africa, Sofrip company is constantly growing and improving its performance and the quality of its products and services.

Sofrip’s Corporate board, managers, and team, in coherence with its strategic vision whose ultimate aim is the satisfaction of its clients, have taken steps towards quality management. Always faithful to our mantra, “WHO SEEKS PERFECTION FINDS EXCELLENCE”, we took it on our shoulders to put in place a management system that conforms with the quality norm of ISO 9001:2015.




SOFRIP Objective is not only to give a second life to used clothing but also a passion and duty to preserve the environment and conserve natural resources.
We Communicate and share with the public on environmental matters to improve the performance of the industry.
We believe in a responsible, ethical and social behavior.


be among the world’s best integrated used textile company, with a leading position across potential markets, while exceeding customer and partners expectations.
improve the sustainability and maintain the value of our products throughout their life cycle by adopting the principles of the circular economy.
keep always Customer satisfaction as a business goal and a key to success.
Become a positive and distinctive competitor.



We aim for excellence in everything we do, in training our employees, in treating our employees and partners,

in the raw material used, in the quality of our products and service provided,

and in every detail of each product category.

Customer proximity:
 We focus our efforts on customer satisfaction and creating long-term relationships.
 Our most important resource and our capacity to further differentiate us depend on the talent,
expertise and innovative ability of our team.
Respect :
 At SOFRIP we respect one other. We are respectful in our interaction and transparent in our communication.