We maintain a zero-waste philosophy whenever feasible


To optimize our work process, fulfill our mission, and our techniques for recycling used clothing, Sofrip has implemented solutions to improve ecological sustainability and give a second life to old textiles. Our organization has developed mechanical methods and high-tech equipment with an innovative vision in this context.

To this end, we have installed high-tech equipment: a high-performance “laroche” shredding machine with 5 drums and an inhalation system that renders the fibers dust-free, as well as a shredding machine and a metal detector to ensure that the raw material poured into the shredding machine contains only textile components.

In addition, Sofrip relies on its human capital and the entire team’s dedication with their high level of knowledge and years of expertise to produce fibers that will meet customers’ expectations and requirements.

– Fraying process:

The first step in regenerating old textiles into good quality fibers that meet our customers’ needs and international standards is to sort the goods by textile components and colors and remove all foreign bodies: unbuttoned, unzipped.

In addition, the shredding team receives textiles for recycling that are not reusable and cannot be processed into wiping cloths and unbuttons and unzips them. These textiles are then sorted by material composition: denim, cotton, acrylic, wadding, etc., and by color. The textiles are then shredded, cut into small pieces, and detected by the metal detector. Then, they are fed into the 5-drum shredding machine to obtain fiber that can be used as raw material for various industries.

Finally, the shredded fibers are passed through a hydraulic press to be packed in white polypropylene bales of 200 kg to 250 kg, wrapped in 25 C3 PET or galvanized wire, and labeled with tickets that contain the name of the product, the quantity, and the batch number.

In our process, we do not use chemicals; instead, SOFRIP has required additional criteria for environmental treatment requirements and chemical restrictions to ensure that our frayed fibers, wherever used, do not harm human health and the environment.

– Our fibers:

Sofrip has developed a wide range of textile fibers from used clothing, we now have a wide range of frayed products from good quality used clothing that meets international standards and can be used in several sectors of activity such as automotive, aeronautics, bedding, construction, as a raw material for the manufacture of felt, non-woven, spinning, mattress padding, sound, and thermal insulation.

The products are classified by fiber composition and color

  •  100% denim shoddy: used in several industries like insulation and geotextile spinning, etc.,

  •  Acrylics of different colors (red, yellow, blue, etc.) can be used for yarn spinning.

  •  Mixed Multicolor shoddy: used in the manufacture of felts and nonwovens for the automotive sector, carpets, and rugs.

  • White Cotton:

  • Acrylic Multicolor