100% Denim shoddy

To start with, our product Denim Shoddy includes 100% recycled denim jeans which are sorted carefully by a full Chain of Custody highly qualified.

All the unwearable denim textiles are collected separately from other textiles compositions to be cut in small waves of pieces and then frayed. Learn more about the recycling process.

Denim Shoddy has several uses, however, the most common use is the insulation panel which has proven high performance in terms of sound, acoustic, and thermal insulation.

In addition, Denim shoddy Cotton is both natural and renewable, making it very eco-friendly. Unlike fiberglass, recycled blue jeans and denim fabric are rolled into bat fiberglass, but it does not contain hazardous materials. As a bonus, it doesn’t cause respiratory irritation, and it’s an effective insect repellent.

Denim shoddy: Sectors of use :

Automobile industry:

Our recycled denim shoddy is used for felt fabrication, which is needed in the application of thermal heat in some parts of the automobile because recycled denim fiber is very effective in thermal and sound insulation.


Parts like :

  • Insulator dashboard inner
  • Insulator hood
  • Board assembly deck
  • Insulator dash outer

Textile industry :

  • Thread
  • Spinning mills

DENIM SHODDY for Construction industry: Features & benefits

Features :

  • Recycled cotton fiber is used to get rid of volatile organic compounds to offer better indoor air quality.
  • Provides maximum R-value performance
  • The fiber of recycled cotton is a hygroscopic material, it absorbs and releases humidity. Thus, it offers better ambient air quality.
  • Easy to handle
  • Denim fiber can be processed each fiber with a boron-based fire retardant, this treatment not only acts as a superior fire retardant but also impedes the growth of fungus and mold.
  • The denim insulation offers an extremely high noise reduction coefficient to effectively reduce airborne sound transmission including traffic, airplanes, radios, television, and conversation.


  • In bulk conditioned in big bale (weight between 220 and 240 kg)
  • Packaged in white polypropylene (PP)
  • Wrapped with PET 25 C3 or galvanized wire

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