Acrylic multicolores

Acrylic Multicolor Fiber

Recycled Acrylic Multicolor Fiber is mainly composed of acrylic fiber produced from shredded textiles from clothing sorted according to their acrylic content. For more information on our process click here.

In this context, these fibers present a good choice to have insulators that respect sanitary safety. In addition, Fibers that are produced from recycled textiles prevent the growth of harmful molds, mildew, and wood-rotting fungi, and eliminate the regrowth of insects and vermin.

Moreover, The resulting mixed acrylic fiber is homogeneous (no special color requirements) and specialized by plenty of characteristics such as:

  • Consistent color – No special color requirements
  • No shrinkage fibers or flammable materials in any form
  • The product is not damp or moldy
  • No sheep’s wool or other animal fibers in the mix.
  • No quills in the mix
  • The product is free from pieces of scrap metal, wood, or any other material that could
  • material that could damage the product


Currently, By opting for recycling and environmentally friendly production methods, many industries plan to use recycled synthetic fibers as raw material for different business lines as follows:

  • Multicolored acrylic fiber can be used in mattresses.
  • Can be used in insulation panels and automotive
  • Recycled acrylic shoddy is used in the manufacture of mops
  • Acrylic fiber is used in the furniture industry
  • stuffed toys and pet beds
  • the production of cheap blankets
  • Needle-punched fabric for soundproofing car linings and the furniture industry
  • Car seat covers
  • These fibers are used to reinforce stucco (staff) and concrete

Recycled textile fibers Packaging

  • In bulk conditioned in big bale (weight between 220 and 240 kg)
  • Packaged in white polypropylene (PP)
  • Wrapped with PET 25 C3 or galvanized wire

Sofrip Textile Recycling gives you the opportunity to test and examine the quality of each kind of fiber for free.

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